Presenting ADITESS Acoustic Event Detection AED/C module in ASGARD H2020 project

On 27-30 November 2017 at the École Militaire, Paris, France took place the ASGARD project ( Hackathon.

ASGARD aims to create LEA Technological Autonomy, by building a sustainable, long-lasting community form the LEA and research and development industry that will created (at little or no cost to LEAs), maintaining and evolving a best of class tool set for the extraction, fusion, exchange and analysis of Big Data including cyber-offenses data for forensic investigation. ASGARD will help LEAs significantly increase capabilities. With forensics being a focus of the project, both intelligence and foresight dimensions will also be tackled by ASGARD.

Specific challenge of ASGARD: The availability of petabytes of on-line and off-line information being open to the public owned by the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), such as police forces and/or custom authorities or the result of the investigation of a (cyber-) offence, represents a valuable resource but also a management challenge. Access to huge amounts of data, structured (data-bases), unstructured (multilingual text, multimedia), semi-structured (HTML, XML, etc.), heterogeneous data collected by LEA sensors such as Video, Audio, GSM and GPS, all possibly obfuscated or anonymized, available locally or over private LEA owned/shared networks or over the Internet, can easily result in an information overload and represent a problem instead of a useful asset.

ADITESS represent Cyprus industry, as a company specialized in Security, Defense and IT. During the above ASGARD Hackathon the ADITESS Acoustic Event Detection and Classification #AEDC solutions for the automated detection of #critical #acoustic #events were presented to #LEAs across #Europe.