ADITESS in PrEstoCloud project

From January 2017, ADITESS LTD take place in the consortium of the PrEstoCloud project , an H2020 research project funded by the European Commission over a period of three years, targets a new software architecture platform that works in a dynamic and distributed way and manages cloud and fog resources proactively, while reaching the extreme edge of the network for efficient real-time Big Data processing. The consortium unites a total of eleven partner organizations from industry and research, working on the efficient exploitation of infrastructural resources from mobile edge devices to the clouds. The aim is to improve cloud infrastructures in order to cope with Big Data applications. The project was officially launched on January 1, 2017, and will run for three years. ADITESS LTD  is one the technical partners of the consortium. You can find more about the project and the ongoing at the 4rth Prestocloud newsletter, as well as at sections below: