ADITESS in Finland

Aditess had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Mikkeli and attending TOXI-triage’s Disperse exercise on the 22/5/2019 and Environics’ partners day on the 23/5/2019.

Disperse was based on a chemical incident in a market place/parking hall/city of Mikkeli, Finland. It involved three critical segments where TOXI-triage concepts and technologies were envisioned to enhance response capabilities:

  • Critical Segment 1. Establishing situational awareness following chemical incident and establishing control of the cordoned zone
  • Critical Segment 2. Mass casualty triage, decontamination and treatment
  • Critical Segment 3. Support and management of asymptomatic and self‐referred casualties

As for Environics Partner’s day we can say it was a thoroughly educating and exciting Xperience. As well as a great chance to meet Environics’ team and partners in person and discuss the capacity of their products. For entities interested in said equipment and located at the republic of Cyprus please contact us at For more Environics’ news stay tuned.