Final Newsletter PrestoCloud

PrEstoCloud EU R&D project ( is nearing completion. Including the preparation phase for this project, the consortium jointly developed and shaped ideas and innovations on the topic of “Cloud Computing” for almost four years. During this period, PrEstoCloud developed an architecture, that manages cloud and fog resources proactively, enabling to reach the extreme edge of the network. Also, three pilot projects in different domains demonstrates the power of PrEstoCloud’s new approach. In addition, PrEstoCloud produced an impressive number of publications and appearances at conferences, giving new impetus to the academic world. Looking back today, we can see that the selection of partners, but especially the structuring of our project of nine work packages, including the three use cases, was chosen purposefully. Numerous innovations were initiated and point to a promising exploitation of the project results. I wish us all every success in this respect.

The final PrEstoCloud newsletter can be found here