MIICT and PERCEPTIONS projects at ”Bridging Occupational Gaps with Refugees and Asylum Seekers” event

On 23/02/2020 at the premises of the European University Cyprus in Nicosia – Cyprus, the ADITESS LTD (www.aditess.com) project managers of the @MIICT_EU (https://www.miict.eu/)

and @PERCEPTIONS_EU (https://project.perceptions.eu ) projects actively took part to the interactive day under the title ”Bridging Occupational Gaps with #Refugees and Asylum Seekers” within the Occupational Therapy Clinical Practice Program for Refugees and #Asylum Seekers of the European University Cyprus. ADITESS’ representatives had the opportunity to participate in the different round tables between students, professionals #Refugees and Asylum Seekers. The day was supported by

UNHCR Cyprus