About Us


ADDITESS is strategically bridging the fields of academia-industry and the government, providing benefits in the form of research and emerging products. Enabled by sustainable collaborations and partnerships with a number of universities, non-profit research centers, and laboratories as well as companies in the private sector.



Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to adhere to the needs and requirements of our clients, providing high-quality customer satisfaction, and leading to a loyal and expanding customer following. ADDITESS’s goal is to fully support its Clients to identify their specific needs and plan, implement, and delivering projects successfully.



Our personnel is composed of dedicated, experienced professionals with outstanding proven professional and academic experience as well as young passionate scientists. Our personnel is actively involved in EU Research Programs in the fields of Security, ICT, Data mining, Aeronautics (UAVs), Communications, Transportation, and Environment, both at a National and International level.


Company Activities

ADDITESS is a scientific, consulting, and research company, which conducts theoretical and applied research and produces studies, at strategic and tactical levels. It covers issues concerning security policies, transportation security, border management, critical infrastructure protection, the aftermath of crisis events, emergency management situations, state-of-the-art modeling solutions, and monitoring equipment for border security and develops state-of-the-art applied Security Solutions in the above-mentioned areas.



ADDITESS is ISO9001-2015 & ISO27001-2013 Certified. Please read here the Quality Policy statement.

ADDITESS has a Gender Equality Plan. Please read here the Gender Equality statement.