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Technical Characteristics

Frame Vario Benzin Trainer
Weight 7.3Kg
Length 1460mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 520mm
Rotor 1780mm, Motor: 23qcm
Payload Weight Up to 4Kg
Hover Time Max 45-60 min
Photos/Videos Recording capability and real time transmission into a Ground Station
Operation Manual through a remote control and also automatically GPS mode by an Autopilot module, with places of interest (waypoints) and a predetermined flight path
Operation Modes
    • Intuitive interface
    • Google 3D maps
    • Accurate flight control algorithms
    • Real-time flight monitoring
    • Auto return home

  • Customizable waypoints
Payload Capabilities

  • Hitachi DSP 8 camera control
  • 30X Optical Zoom and practical f value 4.4-132mm
  • IR Cut Filter Removable for Day/Night Capability
  • Minimum sensitivity 0.5 lux
  • 0.96 Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD

Payload Information System

  • EO Sensor: Lens Stabilization, Auto Exposure, Iris, Shutter, Gain and Focus
  • IR Sensor: Pallet, Gain, Brightness and Contrast
  • CM100: Gyro Stabilized Gimbal by UAV Vision (pdf)

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