2nd Partner’s Meeting of “Air quality services for a cleaner air in Cyprus -AQ-SERVE” Project

On 13/01/2020 the 2nd Partner’s Meeting of “Air quality services for a cleaner air in Cyprus -AQ-SERVE” Project, took place at the Cyprus Institute premises in Nicosia, Cyprus. The purpose of the 2nd Partner’s meeting was: To review the status of the project and to monitor the progress of the work. The meeting assessed the[…]

PrEstoCloud EU funded research project delivers real-time, data-intensive applications for cloud, edge and fog computing environments

Under the coordination, and with participation, of Software AG, the European funded research project PrEstoCloud (https://prestocloud-project.eu ) will successfully be finished by end of this year. With the PrEstoCloud software the project has yielded a dynamic and distributed software architecture for a platform that manages cloud and fog resources proactively. The PrEstoCloud platform offers Big Data[…]

Final Newsletter PrestoCloud

PrEstoCloud EU R&D project (http://prestocloud-project.eu/) is nearing completion. Including the preparation phase for this project, the consortium jointly developed and shaped ideas and innovations on the topic of “Cloud Computing” for almost four years. During this period, PrEstoCloud developed an architecture, that manages cloud and fog resources proactively, enabling to reach the extreme edge of[…]

Perceptions EU R&D project 1st Press Release

Start of the H2020 project PERCEPTIONS – Understand the Impact of Novel Technologies and Social Media on Perceptions of Europe in Countries Abroad In recent years, migration has been a persistent topic of political discussions in Europe. But what are the relevant factors shaping migration? One answer are the constructed narratives and perceptions on a[…]

2nd newsletter of MIICT project

MIICT (ICT Enabled Services for Migration) project (https://www.miict.eu) was conceived with the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools that address the challenge of migrant integration. The project undertakes to co-create improved ICT-enabled services with migrants, refugees, public sector services, NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organisations) and other interest groups. By involving research-users at the centre of our approach[…]