Border Protection

Remote Coverage

In Real Time


The legitimate movement of people and goods across borders is a vulnerable avenue often exploited by those intending to cause harm or distress.

Ensuring that only legitimate movements are permitted, monitoring of borders around the globe is an essential function, which is often performed with high levels of risk to person and property.

So how can you best use aerial imagery to assist in ensuring that only legitimate movements are being made across borders?

Aerial Imagery can assist Border Protection activities in different ways:

  • Passive Surveillance of Large Areas on Large Fixed Wing UAVs
  • Passive Surveillance of Local Areas on Aerostats or Balloons
  • Dynamic Event Response on Multi Copters or Rotary Wing UAVs

The ability to identify and respond to a potential threat, whilst minimizing risk to person or property, provides a vital capability when operating in a Border Protection scenario.

With experience integrating different aerial imaging payloads with different platforms, your unique requirements are able to be made in to reality using a specialized solution.

Suitable Platforms

Fixed Wing UAV

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Rotary Wing UAV