The CM160 is a low SWaP-C, multi-sensor, gyro-stabilized camera payload that has experienced over six years of sales and development to provide customers with a field proven system. Rated IP66, the CM160 is our most flexible gimbal, suitable for integration into a range of platforms.

Save on weight

The CM160 weighs as little as 1450g, keeping your payload weight to a minimum.

A Flexible Gimbal for Your Mission

Choose between several sensor configurations to suit the needs of your mission.

Benefit from day and night video streamed directly to the operator.

Integrate the CM160 on any platform, including a UAV, manned aircraft, lighter than air platform, marine vehicle, land vehicle, or a static mount.

A Payload You Can Rely On

With over 6 years of sales, testing, and development, the CM160 offers customers a reliable and consistent payload.

The high-performance gimbal has been integrated on a variety of platforms, providing companies around the world with an efficient system.



  • Position Accuracy 0.011° or 190µrad
  • Elevation ±120°
  • Azimuth: 360° Continuous
  • Slew Rate 65°/s or 1.13rad/s
  • Power 12W
  • Voltage 9 – 36V
  • Electronics High Speed 32 Bit
  • Communication Link Ethernet / RS232

Physical Dimensions

  • Weight: 1495g
  • Depth: 160mm
  • Height: 237mm
  • Temperature: 50°C

Video Specifications

  • Analogue Output Composite
  • Digital Output h264 up to 10Mbps
  • Snapshots 1280×720 (Stored on Board)


1K Laser Range Finder

DISC120R Daylight Sensor

Nano Point

Tau 35mm LWIR Sensor

Tau 50mm LWIR Sensor

Suitable Platforms

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Fixed Wing UAV

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Marine Vessels

Rotary Wing UAV

Static Mount




CM160 Datasheet

The Gimbal Guide