The advanced CM202 combines cutting-edge software in a compact, rugged and cost-effective system. The gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor camera ISR payload is engineered to offer you complete customization to give you the best system suited to the needs of your mission. The low SWaP gimbal is suitable for integration on a UAV, manned aircraft, fixed land system or mobile land vehicle.

This modular design enables UAV Vision to customize a solution for those who require specific functionality from a stabilized ISR system.

Customized for Your Mission

Choose between a wide range of sensor configurations to meet your exact payload requirements.

Never Miss a Target

Dual streaming capability lets you record and stream two independent videos, giving both local and remote recordings, which can be transmitted in different formats and compressed to different qualities, using less CPU and a lower bandwidth.

The CM202 offers high definition imagery and footage at day or night, and in cloudy, foggy or smoky conditions.

Detect and track multiple targets at once by tagging up to 5 moving objects within the FOV.

Enhance Your Video Experience

The CM202 contains a high precision motor to reduce vibration, giving you highly stabilized video with improved imagery.

Stabilized video lets you effectively track an object and find out valuable information.

Direct drive allows the gimbal to quickly respond to disturbances, keeping your target in the center of the frame.



  • Position Accuracy 0.0046° (80 µrad)
  • Elevation + 130° / – 30°
  • Azimuth: 360° Continuous
  • Slew Rate 150°/sec (2.6 Rad/s)
  • Power 55w
  • Voltage 9 – 36v
  • Electronics High Speed 32bit
  • Communication Link Ethernet / RS232

Physical Dimensions

  • Weight: 3500g
  • Depth: 190mm
  • Height: 295mm
  • Temperature: 55°C

Video Specifications

  • Analogue Output Composite
  • Digital Output H.264 Up To 10 Mbps
  • Snapshots 1280×720 (Stored on Board)


10K Laser Range Finder

1K Laser Range Finder

DISC120R Daylight Sensor

LWIR Sensor with Optical Zoom Lens

MWIR Sensor with Optical Zoom Lens

Nano Point

Suitable Platforms

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Fixed Wing UAV

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Multi Rotor UAV

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rotary Wing UAV



CM202 Datasheet

The Gimbal Guide