Commercial Projects


International tender for the support of technical personnel recruitment services for ETIMAD (UAE) to deliver the UAE Government Organizations critical infrastructure protection & border security programs.


International tender consulting OSCE SMM of Ukraine for the development of the TOR and tender procedures for the procurement and acquisition of UAV systems for the OSCE SMM Ukraine mission operations.

ADDTask powered by ADDITESS is accepted to be used by the Community Police force of the CYPRUS POLICE.

The ADDtask Community Policing edition is designed and validated to serve LEAs in day-to-day community policing tasks and to provide effective collaboration with citizens and other involved authorities assisting among other aspects in the improvement of the evidence base for policing. The key functionalities of this edition are:
• Incident reporting with a community policing taxonomy;
• Location monitoring of human resources in the field and validation of their traveling path;
• Video, photo, and audio files between officers and civilians;
• Resources & asset management;
• Automated generation of crime maps and safe maps;
• Automated annotation of high criticality areas based on incoming reports and crowdsourced information;
• Issue announcements and content broadcasting to targeted users, groups, or geographical regions.
• Automated generation of statistics and data insights related to reported incidents and effectiveness in the resolution of occurred events based on the implemented community policing taxonomy;
• Adheres to the PCJA directive for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection, or prosecution of criminal offenses or the execution of criminal penalties.


The CSIM platform is developed and designed by ADDITESS in order to efficiently handle data related to cyber security aspects and to provide incident management and tracking functionalities to relevant agencies. The platform emerged as the outcome of a thorough study on the needs of cyber-security response teams (and EU CSIRTs in particular) and a survey of 70+ cyber security tools. Integration into the workflow of cyber-security experts is expected to substantially reinforce their operations under a common operational framework. The platform also provides interoperability through integration with other platforms for two-way data exchange. CSIRT-Cyprus uses this tool since Aug 2020.

The ultimate goal of the CSIM platform operationally speaking is:

  • Automated and regular retrieval of data from multiple sources, allowing the CS response team members to be up to speed with even the most recent events.
  • Seamless correlation and combination of information and data produced as a result of analysis with multiple – independent – tools.
  • Prevention of attacks on a constituency by an alerting system that allows matching of constituency infrastructure with newly acquired information related to cyber-security threats.
  • Log of actions and produced information related to the investigation of events – through various means – by CS response team members.
  • Retention of information in a complex database system fully owned and maintained by CS response team members.


The first commercial product that used the ADDtask Platform is the SYNDRAMO SOLUTION which was developed by ADDITESS for the Municipality of Nicosia.

Syndramo solution video