Disaster Management

React Quicker

Minimise Danger


Disaster prevention, planning, response, and rebuilding from a safe vantage point

With the ability to view events in real-time from a safe distance, access to decision critical data has allowed disaster response and mitigation teams to be able to be more responsive to time sensitive situations. This flexibility has the potential to revolutionise the way that disaster planning, preparation, response, and reconstruction is done.

The data collected via electro optical and infrared camera systems is valuable to key decision making processes. The addition of mutliple sensors in a single payload offers a wide scope of uses to accomplish unique and specific missions for emergency, disaster response, loss prevention and mitigation. Situational awareness capabilities provided by ISR camera systems improve the ability to collect the necessary data for real-time or post event analysis.


Suitable Platforms

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Fixed Wing UAV

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rotary Wing UAV