When lives are at stake. Not all threats are visible, and in order to protect people and the environment you need the capability to see and identify chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) threats. We can help you to be prepared and make any CBRN threats visible. With reliable and timely measurement data, you will be able to react on time.

From 2016, Additess is the proud representative of Environics Oy, for the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Environics Oy that is based in Finland from1987, designs and manufactures industrial gas detection and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) monitoring solutions for industrial, government, and military organizations worldwide. It offers handheld chemical detectors for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) detection, chemical detectors for mobile and vehicle applications/fixed installations, and biological and radiological detections with add-on modules; biological detection and identification products, such as bioaerosol detectors and biodefence tests; radiological detection and identification products; and The EnviScreen Operix, which provides the operators with continuous real-time operative situational awareness of the event and measurement data received from the integrated sensors.

The company also provides mobile detection systems, such as ground operating CBRN surveillance systems, 24/7 integrated CBRN detection systems, and hazmat response systems; CBRN and environmental monitoring systems; industrial air and gas monitoring systems; and semiconductor air monitoring systems.
In addition, It offers products for applications in various sectors, such as navy, first responders, ports and borders, mass events, critical infrastructure, vehicle solutions, industrial and environmental CRN monitoring, real-time AMC cleanroom monitoring for semiconductor, ambient air monitoring, and continuous emission monitoring CEMS.
For more information: https://www.environics.fi/



Environics provides capable and easy-to-use CBRN products to cover the entire timeline of a crisis. From the early warning to consequence management we provide a functional and cost effective solution for CBRN and environmental monitoring. The Environics solutions are flexible and can be tailored to provide the customer with the best possible setup for their needs. All Environics products are designed to be used 24/7 with minimal maintenance effort and logistics footprint.

Chemical Detection

ChemPro Product family

Environics provides tools for detection, classification and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals. The Environics products are designed to offer very high sensitivity and a wide range of detected chemicals, while being extremely cost efficient and easy to use. The products have no consumables and very few changeable spare parts, which makes the cost of ownership low throughout the detector’s lifespan.


Handheld Chemical Detector for CWA and TIC detection

The ChemPro100i is a handheld chemical detector for field detection and classification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). Our handheld chemical detector provides industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in the most user friendly and low-maintenance package in its class. With plug and play add-on modules you are able to extend your chemical detector to full CBRN capability.


Chemical detector for mobile and vehicle applications

The ChemProDM is a reliable and fast chemical detector module for Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) detection designed especially for vehicle and naval solutions. The ChemProDM chemical detector can be used for any fixed applications where local user interface and built-in rechargeable battery are not needed. The Detector Module can be used in conjunction with ChemPro Remote Alarm Unit or external computer system. With the optional ChemPro Radiation Detection Module (RDM) gamma and X-ray detection capability can be added.


Chemical detector for fixed installations

The ChemProFXi is a permanently mounted chemical detector for gas and vapor that provides continuous 24 hour 7 day a week protection of fixed infrastructure from the threat of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) & selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC). It has industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in the most user friendly and low-maintenance package in its class.

ChemProFXi has especially designed for critical infrastructure protection and environmental monitoring.

ChemPro Accessories

Biological and radiological detections with add-on modules

The ChemPro100i capabilities can be easily expanded to a full CBRN detection system by utilizing unique cost effective external add-on modules.

The ChemPro100 Radiation Detection Module enables the ChemPro100i to detect traces of gamma and X-ray radiation. The current dose rate, the accumulated dose reading and alarms are indicated on the display of ChemPro100i.

The ChemPro Reader Module adds new functionality in the form of handheld biological detection. It is intended for reading Envi Assay System lateral flow immunoassay tests. The Reader Module stores the test data for evaluation after the mission.

The ChemPro100 GPS Module displays coordinate information on the ChemPro100i display screen, and includes the coordinates to the alarm memo when chemicals are detected. The ChemPro100 Earphone Module is designed for covert operations where silence is vital. When connected to ChemPro100i, all audible information is heard through the Earphone.

All add-on modules are plug-and-play compatible with the ChemPro100i and operate using power from the ChemPro100i battery.

Biological Detection & Identification

ENVI product family

Environics Biodetection Solutions cover the steps from early warning bioaerosol detection to subsequent provisional BWA identification to support the typical biodetection principles and workflow in biological threat situations. They include compact, robust and practical BWA detection tools both for fixed and mobile CBRN monitoring systems and for personal protection applications.

ENVI BioScout

Bioaerosol detector with a 3-in-1 capability

ENVI BioScout™ provides a robust and sensitive bioaerosol detection solution that continuously monitors and warns for the presence of harmful airborne biological particles like bacterial, viral, rickettsial agents and toxins and collects air samples for further BWA analysis at the time of a biological alarm. ENVI Bioscout bioaerosol detector is designed to operate as an integral part of fixed or mobile EnviScreen CBRN monitoring systems. There are two different main product version available; ENVI BioScout designed especially for critical infra protection and Rugged ENVI BioScout for armored CBRN vehicles and military vessels.

ENVI Assay System

Biodefence tests

The ENVI Assay System biodefence tests provide fast, simple and reliable solution for BWA identification from environmental samples. The ENVI Assay System Gold offers disposable, separate assays for seven highly poisonous agents: ricin toxin, botulinum toxin, SEB, POX, anthrax, yersinia pestis (plague) and Fransicella tularensis (tularemia). ENVI Assay System test kits include all tools required for performing a test: test cartridges, sampling swabs, buffer solution vials, dispensers and antibody reagents and instructions for use – no separate sample collection kits are needed. ENVI Assay System test are designed to use with ChemPro Reader Module which enables long term data storage and enhances the reliability when working in demanding environment.

Radiological Detection & Identification

RanidVision Product Family

Environics provides a range of high performance and versatile solutions for spectrometric radiation monitoring. The RanidVision product family consists of mobile, fixed and portable applications. RanidVision products are highly sophisticated expert tools designed to be used by everyone. They provide real time radiological information in a clear and easily understandable format. This makes every used an expert user, when the device and software provide instant detection and identification of the radiation source.

RanidPort Mobile

Mobile Spectrometric radiation portal monitor

RanidPort Mobile is advanced spectrometric radiological portal monitor designed for mobile use in cars, boats, helicopters or airplanes. RanidPort Mobile is only truly portable spectroscopy radiation portal monitor available at this size and it is easy to transport in its own rugged detection and transportation case. RanidPort’s high volume Nal(Tl) scintillation detector ensures the rapid detection and identification capability in presence of radioactivity or radioactive material. RanidPort Mobile has integrated GPS and mapping function.

RanidPort -N & Industrial

Spectrometric radiation portal monitor for indoor and outdoor installation.

RanidPort Solutions are advanced spectrometric radiation portal monitors designed for different types of fixed applications for radiological detection and monitoring. RanidPort –N is designed for indoor applications like airports and critical infrastructure protection and RanidPORT-N Industrial is ideal for rough outdoor applications like harbors.

RanidPort’s high volume Nal(Tl) scintillation detector has rapid detection and identification capability in presence of radioactivity or radioactive material. Neutron detection sensitivity s is increased with integrated neutron booster.


Improved radionuclide detection and identification backpack

New improved RanidPro200 radiation backpack provides a high performance tools for radionuclide search and identification. It measures, detects and identifies the source of radiation and gives the user clear and simple information from the results. Results can be looked either on the spot over smartphone or toughpad display or can be sent to command center. RanidPro200 radiation backpack provides full reachback capabilities and very high resolution (LaBr3). RanidPro200 can be equip with either 1,5” x 1,5” LaBr3 scintillator or 2” x 2” Nal (Tl) scintillator. Also other detector sizes are possible.

New model provides better neutron detection sensitivity (H3 free), longer battery life, lighter weight and toughpad control unit.


Radionuclide identifier for fixed installations

RanidProFX provides a high performance tool for radionuclide identification for fixed installations. The device continuously measures, detects and identifies the source of radiation and gives the user clear and simple information from the results. RanidProFX can be also integrated to air samplers and it’s fully compatible with EnviScreen monitoring software.


Radiological Reconnaissance Vehicle

RanidSONNI is a sophisticated radiological measurement vehicle solution, which is designed to detect and analyze potential radiological and nuclear threats, such as a release of radioactive materials from a reactor or a dirty bomb. It is a mobile, versatile radionuclide laboratory, with high quality expert tools designed in a way that no special training is needed. Any crewmember can become a radiological expert and perform valid and accurate measurements when working in an Environics RanidSONNI vehicle.

CBRN Dedicated System Software

Modern commercial database and software technologies and platforms are exploited in the EnviScreenTM system software, the heart of the system solutions.

The EnviScreenTM Operix with its interactive GIS user interface is intended for providing the operators with continuous, real-time operative situational awareness of the event and measurement data received from the integrated sensors. The EnviScreenTM Operix is completed with EnviScreenTM Manifix management software for CBRN incident scenario simulation, analysis and forecasting. It presents clear and illustrative forecasts of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear dispersions and analysis on map interface, based on GIS information, surveillance and sensor data as well as different dispersion and plume calculation models.

Mobile CBRN Monitoring

EnVision product family

Environics mobile detection system is 24/7 CBRN monitoring and warning system enabling detection at a certain event or area without having to install a fixed system. Mobile system provides real-time information at the scene concerning CWA (Chemical Warfare Agents), TIC (Toxic Industrial Chemical), biological and radiation threats along local weather conditions affecting the situation. Due to its heavy-duty construction and selectable agent libraries and modularity, mobile system is suitable for large variety of military, public safety and industrial applications. Mobile system is built for hard work in hard environment.


Ground Operating CBRN Surveillance System

EnVision GOSSAMER is a ruggedized, field deployable CBRN surveillance system formed by CBRN measuring and data processing units, command and control posts with GIS based CBRN monitoring software, PDAs for local user interface and related radio communication systems and power supplies.

Temporary, mobile sensor fields for CBRN detection can be created anywhere and anytime, when there are needs for monitoring critical sites for intentional releases and accidents related to hazardous substances. The surveillance system is typically featured with several sensor fields, each build upon a number of the key system components, e.g. one sensor field up to 10 sensor nodes.

“Real-time CBRN situational awareness is critical in the operational decision-making process. With this field deployable EnVision GOSSAMER system situational awareness, required in actions of the defense forces, can be increased. Furthermore, the area of application of this sophisticated surveillance system is wide, from harbor protection to airbases and mass events,” says Major Mikko Elo from the Finnish Defense Forces.

EnVision CBRN

24/7 Integrated CBRN Detection System

EnVision CBRN is a unique 24/7 integrated CBRN detection system. It is a portable system, which integrates high quality equipment into one portable case enabling fast creation of a full CBRN detection network without fixed hardware installation. The module can be moved from one location to another, whenever CBRN detection is needed. In addition to markets widest CWA and TIC detection range, EnVision CBRN provides also the only portable bio detector available in the market.

CBRN & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

EnviScreenTM CBRN & Environmental Monitoring Systems provide turnkey solutions with versatile sensor and integration support.

The brand EnviScreenTM refers to the diverse CBRN and environmental safety systems including monitoring software, sensor gateways, integrated measuring devices, workstations, server hardware and software and wired and wireless communication networks.

The EnviScreenTM CBRN and environmental monitoring systems are based on proven key components provided as COTS products, especially on Environics´ own the state-of-the art detectors for CWAs and TICs, radiation and hazardous biological agents and EnviScreenTM dedicated software and hardware:

  • ChemPro®FXi
  • ChemPro®100i, ChemPro®DM and ChemPro®PD
  • ENVI BioScout™
  • Ranid product line (RanidPro200/RanidPORT/RanidSONNI/RanidProFX)
  • Envision product line (Envision GOSSAMER, CBRN and HRS)
  • EnviScreen Operix 2016 monitoring software
  • Master Module data processing unit.

In addition, the EnviScreenTM system solution provides compatibility and readiness with tens of different kinds of measuring devices from 3rd party weather sensors to camera and video and servers.

The scale requirements for monitoring systems may vary from single detection point systems up to nationwide security networks. Thanks to the flexible and modular structure, EnviScreenTM systems are cost-effective and fully scalable from naval and land vehicles to critical infra and area protection, so Environics integrates the
concept in diverse small and large scale CBRN and environmental surveillance applications.

Based on specific customer requirements, appropriate modules and features are selected and on the other hand, the systems are easily expandable for future needs. The EnviScreenTM system solution utilizes technology that enables hardware, protocol and application level integrations, even to 3rd party building automation and C4I systems.

Environics provides a wide range of solutions for different applications from a single detector to turnkey solutions for CBRN & environmental monitoring.

The scale requirements for monitoring systems may vary from single detection point systems up to nationwide security networks. Thanks to the flexible and modular structure, EnviScreenTM systems from Environics are cost-effective and fully scalable from naval and land vehicles to critical infra and area protection. Environics is able to integrate the concept in diverse small and large scale CBRN and environmental surveillance applications. Based on specific customer requirements, appropriate modules and features are selected and on the other hand, the systems are easily expandable for future needs. The EnviScreenTM system solution utilizes technology that enables hardware, protocol and application level integrations, even to 3rd party building automation and C4I systems.

Building CBRN Monitoring

CBRN attacks can be targeted against many types of facilities ranging from governmental and military administration to financial, cultural and public services and privately-owned companies. An attack would not only contaminate the building and the people inside, but paralyze the whole functionality of the target and lead to casualties and fatalities, panic and loss of money. Equipping critical infrastructure with the appropriate CBRN monitoring systems increases the level of security both in the building and in its neighborhood – bringing stability

Buildings are vulnerable to releases of chemical, biological and radiological agents for several reasons. They gather masses of people for long periods of time, receive mail and cargo and have high occupant density compared to outdoor areas. Furthermore, HVAC systems and movement of people can effectively transport harmful airborne material throughout the facilities. Enclosed spaces with rather stable atmospheric conditions can retain high agent concentrations and reduce the amount and durability requirements for the release agents.

EnviScreen CBRN monitoring systems provide significant value to CBRN incident management. By enabling timely threat detection and mitigation of the hazardous effects, they complement the passive and responsive protection measures of buildings.

Key References

EnviScreen CBRN Monitoring

Systems have been implemented in variety types of buildings related to governmental and military administration, health and public services and transportation. These include targets e.g. in the following countries:

  • Vietnam
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi-Arabia
  • South-Korea
  • China
  • Oman
  • Finland
Border CBRN Monitoring

Considerable amounts of radiological material are legally used and transported daily, increasing the odds of accidents happening, material misplacement or ending up in terrorist hands. Because these threats cannot be neglected it’s crucial to efficiently monitor people and goods passing through border stations to prevent illicit trafficking of radioactive material. These large masses passing through international borders set high requirements for reliable system solutions.

It’s crucial for countries to be able to efficiently monitor people and goods passing through borders to prevent e.g. illicit trafficking of radioactive material. For example, handling large masses passing through international airports requires reliable tools for monitoring and separating the natural background variation from unnatural radioactive sources. These requirements pose high demands for reliable system solutions.

Environics provides a sophisticated system to meet the high standards for radio nuclide detection and identification in the highly trafficked locations. Our system provides reliable results from passengers to freight containers and large trucks. The flexibility of the system allows the customer to choose exactly the right detector compilation that fits their needs.

Key References

  • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland
  • Port of Kotka-Hamina, Finland
  • Tulli – Customs, Finland
  • General Police Inspectorate, Moldova
  • State Border Guard Service, Ukraine
  • SSTC NRS, Ukraine
  • Keskkonnaamet, Estonia
First Response CBRN Monitoring

Accidents and terrorist activities involving CBRN material pose a challenge to First Responders who have to be prepared 24/7 for all scenarios. Protection from these threats requires tools and techniques that are not only available when needed, but also reliable and trustworthy. State-of-the-art detection equipment and comprehensive situational awareness is vital for the professionals assessing the site as first arrivals. All these characteristics are essential for the whole response process to run efficiently.

Environics provides capable, functional, and cost effective product solutions to meet the requirements for covering the entire timeline of a CBRN incident. Fire brigades, police forces and military troops in over 50 countries use our products and solutions to help deal with the varying circumstances on site. The detectors come in cases that are easily included in the limited space available in fire trucks, minimizing the logistics issues and footprint.

Key References

  • Moldovan Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service
  • Algerian Defence Forces
  • Finnish Fire & Rescue Department
  • Finnish Customs & Terrorist Police
  • Finnish Defense Forces
  • CBRN response units in several countries
Light CBRN Reconnaissance

Civilians, infrastructure, and military are susceptible to CBRN threats daily due to fires, gas and radioactive leaks, chemical accidents, and escalating terrorism. Additionally, climate change increases unpredictability of natural forces even in otherwise politically stable areas. In order to gain control of the situation and minimize damages to the society, the authorities need to be able to rapidly counter situations.

Environics’ CBRN Reconnaissance concept supports first responders’ preparedness 24/7 from start to finish. The integrated system provides a mobile, safe and secure workspace with NBC filtration. The CBRN equipment enables sampling, detecting, and identifying a wide range of CWAs, TICs, bioaerosols and radiation sources allowing the operators to make accurate, real-time situation assessments. As a whole, the vehicle solution provides the means for performing reconnaissance on a much wider scale more effectively than operators by foot could. As a chassis independent container solution, each delivery is tailored to fit customers’ needs. Whether they be civil defence or military operators.

Key References

  • UAE Chemical Defence
  • Indonesian National Armed Forces
  • Ministry of Public Security, Vietnam
  • STUK, Finland
  • SSTS NTS, Ukraine
  • Environment Board, Estonia
Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance

Military units are susceptible to CBRNE threats due to accidents, gas and radioactive leaks, and escalating terrorism. During crises management and combat operations the CBRN reconnaissance element is integrated into the overall intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance efforts.

The Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance system is designed to improve the capability and increase efficiency for conducting CBRN operations, when time is critical. The system provides a faster response time, quicker detection and identification rates compared to basic CBRN tactics, procedures, and units.

The Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance system is generally employed to either confirm contaminated areas, or to confirm areas clear of contamination. Environics provides a rugged CBRN detection system designed and manufactured to endure the conditional requirements set by various military standards. The detection instruments are carefully selected into the vehicle in order to ensure reliable detection of CBRN agents from both outside and inside the vehicle. Collected information from the CBRN sensors along with meteorological and GPS data are introduced to our central operating software. In this information control centre, the data is displayed, devices can be controlled, alarms and warnings as well as reports can be made centrally. The system capabilities can be further expanded by adding 3rd party identification devices and other operational components.

Key References

  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
Naval CBRN Monitoring

CBRN threats can occur and be encountered in offshore, littoral, and harbour related activities, in peace and wartime missions respectively. Designing durable systems to the harsh conditions in which vessels operate in, while simultaneously maintaining the detection quality and capabilities to ensure mission continuance and completion is vital.