Fixed Wing Aircraft

Long Range

Long Endurance


Your fixed wing aircraft gives your customers the opportunity to maintain a long standoff distance from an area or target of interest. With 30x optical zoom, your platform can achieve greater detection ranges and can identify more information on an object or scene, whilst remaining out of sight from the opposition. Enhanced zoom capability provides more safety for the operators on-board. UAV Vision gimbals can also achieve digital or optical IR zoom (depending on the system). The CM202 can give up to 13x IR optical zoom to provide you with enhanced situational awareness at night.  

To help you keep within your budget, all UAV Visition gimbals are low in SWaP-C, so you can benefit from a high-performance system without breaking the bank. Our gimbals are customisable so you can choose the best sensors, hardware and software to meet the exact requirements of your mission. 

Capabilities include object tracking, GEO-Lock for precise geographical information on your target, real time video stabilisation, on board video recording and navigation information.

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