HR & Recruitment Services


HR & Recruitment Services

Additess has an impressive legacy and specialization as a Human Resource provider both on contract based and permanent positions.

All HR services have been built around the ADI-BIOS methodology & the ADI-BIOS data base providing:

1. Just-in-time customized headhunting for complex & high volume recruitment requirements.

2. Recruitment solutions for junior middle & senior staff for every department of a company

  • We identify and evaluate blue, white & pink collar employees of all profiles and disciplines. We have the experience and resources to manage large mass selection initiatives(in a short time).
  • We support in recruitment projects:
    • The publication of a targeted ad and selecting CVs
    • Approach candidates through our rich database
    • Use test skills and psychometric tools
    • Assessment of the list of selected candidates for each position
    • Support from Additess consultant in recruitment issues in the client’s offices for a certain period of time

3. Training & localization services aiming to increase the effectiveness of the selected candidates for our customers.

    We offer:

  • Job specific training
  • Location specific information & awareness
  • Support in the welcome process of selected employees
  • Monitoring & everyday info for the effective adjustment of new personnel