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UAVs R&D PlatformsCustomized developments

The UAV Platforms that are used from Additess are developed in our in-house laboratory. The platforms are based on existing cots and they are enhanced with various payload such as cameras, GPS modules as well as other software modules in order to fulfil every client’s requirements individually.

Currently we are using and developing three types of UAV platforms

  • A Multirotor type
  • A Helicopter type
  • A Fixed-Wind type
The Additess laboratory deals with customizable projects, building computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. Our systems integrator align cheaper, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf software meeting key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, customized implementations that may require original programming or manufacture of unique components.

The creation of these information systems include:

  • Designing or building a customized architecture or application
  • Integrating it with new or existing hardware
  • Packaged and custom software
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Systems & app installations or upgrades
  • Customization for specific applications.

Indicative actions /developments that Additess laboratory could perform in the hardware includes (indicative and not limited):

  • Erase of current firmware from built in processor.
  • Upload Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) firmware for testing correct operation of hardware (performance, connectivity etc.).
  • Upload in-house basic firmware for the device.
  • Add on proprietary crypto package for selected communication channels. These packages implement tailor made algorithms based on client’s requirements.
  • Add on proprietary compression algorithms for video applications.
  • Add on proprietary scheduler for low power operation of module.
  • Develop software add in module implementing special event classification.
  • Add custom made digital filters for video signal enhancement, based on client’s requirements.
  • Add custom package for fast target acquisition – tracking.
  • Perform tests to verify the performance of the in-house built packages.
  • Commission hardware with network – communication specifications we received from client.
  • Perform network – communications security tests.
  • Verify power consumption is within specification for wireless modules.
  • Assemble and disassemble modules to verify the correct mounting of all equipment.