Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Persistent Aerial Observation

Increased Flexibility


Persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

We offer low power camera systems for integration into aerostats and lighter than air vehicles to provide you with effective long-term intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Together, the gimbal and aerostat can be deployed for extended periods of time, making it well suited for aerial early warning, homeland security, border control and maritime surveillance applications. Our gimbals use between 12 and 55W (depending on the system), which can be powered through a tether configuration.

UAV Vision gyro-stabilised gimbals provide high quality daylight and infrared footage that is live-streamed directly to the operator. With high zoom capability, you can gather more information on an object or area of interest, whilst remaining out of site from your opposition.

Benefit from enhanced situational awareness with our unique detect, recognise and identify capabilities. Gimbal DRI specifications can be found here.

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