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Make it a Low SWaP-C Gimbal

Our gimbals are designed to provide your customers with high definition daylight and infrared imagery, in a compact and lightweight system. Our smallest gimbal weighs just 800g to meet your payload requirements.

We offer low-cost gimbals to help your customers meet their budget requirements when purchasing a system for their mission.

Our low power systems help keep your multi rotor drone in the air for longer. The smallest gimbal uses around 12W of power to give you enhanced flight endurance.

We want to make our systems as simple as possible, which is why our gimbals offer quick and easy plug and play hook up. The VEXOS gimbal operating software is designed completely for the operator to give your customers an accessible and user-friendly system that will help them get the very most out of their flight. 

If you would like more information on what multi rotor UAVs our gimbals have been integrated into, contact us on