Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Additess has developed during research and design phases a variety of UAV systems, a new concept in UAV market: designed from existing cots platforms or from Additess design, in order to minimize the development cost. As it was derived from general aviation standards, it is optimized for reduced cost of operations. The Mini-UAV systems could also prepare for navigation in controlled civilian airspace and for compliance to certification requirements that will become applicable to all UAS addressing homeland security applications and flight operations in European sky.


Versatile Media Content Management System (VMCMS-GE)

In 2015 Additess lunch the VMCMS-GE system. The VMCMS-GE is a content management system for the efficient management, archiving, fast-indexing and processing of multimedia content through a modular architecture. The VMCMS-GE has been designed by Additess as a result of our holistic strategy considering the key aspects of functional and creative design while also servicing the needs for scalability by exploiting the cloud characteristics. The platform is designed to fit the needs of a wide range of users through secure, yet, easy to deploy interfaces and a user-friendly graphical environment. VMCMS-GE is characterized for its highly scalable, flexible and customizable design which minimize deployment times.

The efficient management of data is accomplished with the use of user-defined metadata tags whose addition and removal is an easy task while the high customization of the platform allows integration with any cloud solution. Most importantly and having identified the need for security and data protection, the platform supports data encryption, secure communication channels and permission types.

The implementation of custom user privileges is also possible; in cases where the pre-defined classes do not fully fulfill the requirements.

VMCMS-GE may serve as a solution in many applications and different domains, due to this, contains built in mechanisms that allow the designation of application-specific queries that may combine external a well as internal information. The platform is also capable of efficiently managing heterogeneous multimedia content and processing through pre-installed analytics modules. The processing module supports several existing containers and formats for multimedia while additional modules may be added through the analytics repository module.

Geospatial Products

Additess provide Mapping products to end users in rush and non-rush mode.

In the rush mode, it is possible to provide in 24/7/365 basis on demand services. We can cover an area of 500 s. km within one day providing photogrammetric mapping products of 15cm with accuracy of 1:2400 scale maps, while other combinations are available based on the customer request. In non-rush mode we can provide photogrammetric mapping products up to a few centimeters with accuracy of 1:100 scale maps. In this mode, additional filed work is needed to take place in the area of interest.

Mapping products can be Orthophotos and Digital Elevation Models.

Audio Analytics

Consider a video surveillance system sans audio. A cry for help, the sound of breaking glass, a gunshot, an explosion outside the field of the view, would escape notice. Audio covers a 360-degree area, enabling a video surveillance system to not only extend its coverage beyond a camera’s field of view but also to operate in dark without the need of special lenses or other equipment. The audio adds as much to our understanding of events as the captured images, the lack of an audio component may seriously impact the ability of security personnel to effectively protect property and people.

The Intelligent audio analytics as part of a surveillance system allow the detection of abnormal behavior regardless of the field of view, while also allowing the triggering of the system with the occurrence of pre-defined keywords. The solution implements well established methods from the fields of audio coding, machine learning and speech recognition and allows efficient operation on low cost power limited devices (or embedded systems) for the detection of screaming, glass breaking and gunshots within the environment. The flexible parametrization of the system allows the detection module to adopt to the auditory characteristics of the environment of deployment for uncompromised performance. Moreover, the speaker independent speech recognition module allows the detection of pre-specified key words through the decomposition of the audio scene; critical for the seamless triggering of a surveillance system.



Additess adiTASK Platform Brochure: Link

The first commercial product that used adiTask Platform is the SYNDRAMO SOLUTION where will develop from Additess Ltd for Municipality of Nicosia.