Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rapid Response

Highly Maneuverable


Every rotary wing aircraft needs a high-performance gyro-stabilised camera system to provide aerial imagery that is essential to each mission. We provide low SWaP-C, multi sensor gyro-stabilised camera systems designed for integration into helicopter platforms.

Every UAV Vision gimbal can be customised to suit your exact requirements. Choose between our range of infrared and laser sensors to get the very most out of your platform.

Our ISR payloads mean your rotary wing aircraft can maintain in position for long periods of time, giving consistent and enduring surveillance capabilities.

Benefit from stabilisation, advanced object tracking functionality, GEO-Lock for precise location information of an object, real time video stabilisation and on board video encoding.

Real time video recordings can be live-streamed to the right people so your operators can promptly report any suspicious activity and respond accordingly.

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