ADITESS can provide geospatial intelligence services for the security committee, first responders, intelligence professionals and state organizations following Open Geospatial Consortium standardization.

ADITESS can produce geospatial services for civilian applications where accurate representation of the earth and man-made objects is needed.

ADITESS can support security planning for special events, such as international and national conferences and major public events (Sports, festivals etc).

ADITESS can provide services for monitoring of terrain displacement and of deformation of Critical Infrastructures.

ADITESS can provide geospatial data to end users based on their needs using high skilled and experienced personnel, very high accuracy instruments and methods.

ADITESS services are based on the integration and fusion of the following technologies:

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) server or desktop-based.
    • Open architecture software
    • 3D Geospatial portal design
    • Training and support
  • Geodesy and GPS
      • Galileo