Static Mount

Persistent Area Observation

Around the Clock


When persistent area observation is required, a multi sensor ISR payload is required for continuous imagery of the surrounding area. UAV Vision gimbals provide high definition daylight and infrared imagery for around the clock surveillance. Our gimbals give you greater ground coverage so you can benefit from enhanced situational awareness.

Using advanced algorithms, our gimbals can detect moving and static objects to assist your operators in their mission. High levels of optical zoom let you identify your targets at large standoff distances.

For missions on the move, our camera systems are low power, lightweight and man portable so you can transport them between locations with ease. Simple plug and play hook up gives you quick deployment and operation, which is ideal for time critical missions.

Our gimbals can be deployed on:

  • Retractable masts
  • Guard towers
  • Poles
  • Tripods

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