Team Profile

Our staff is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals who have outstanding professional and academic experience in the area of Homeland Security, and have been involved in EU Research Programs as well as national and international projects for several years. Consisting and cooperating with consultants – researchers with professional and academic experience and a long-standing history in proposal preparation, project management and R&D activities, Additess LTD is at the forefront of our offering with clients stemming from a multitude of technological domains, such as Security, Defense, Information and Communication Technologies. Furthermore a number of our researchers come with military and police forces background in IT Security, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) in large-scale National and NATO led operations, over the last fifteen years. This field experience is enhanced by high academic knowledge especially in the security (IT, Electro-optics, Communication, etc.) system’s area.

Additess members decided to join their complementary skills in order to offer a large portfolio of services and support activities as well as technical expertise in both R&D and commercial activities.

Professional Expertise and Education Level

Fields BSc MSc PhD
Software Engineer 1 2
Software Developer 1 2
Electrical Engineer 1 1 1
Hardware Engineer 1 1
Geospatial Expert 1 1
UAV Specialist 1 2
Network Engineer 1 1 2
Project/Product Management 1 2
Business Analyst 1 2
Business Development 1 2